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Our Services

More Than Just Fences 

We offer many services from installation to repair. 

We do installations on new or existing construction; will finish incomplete fences; remove old fences prior to new installs; construct repairs on fences and gates; build and install gates into existing fences; animal containment materials; install handrails on porches and decks; and many other custom fence needs. Our crew is familiar with locating property pins to determine boundaries, setting lines and heights for aesthetic appeal, and of course, cleanup of every job site. 


Whether you're looking for an installation on a new construction property, or an existing one, we have years of experience installing:


  • Fences (wood, steel, vinyl, iron)

  • Gates & Hardware

  • Pet Containment Features

  • Deck Handrails

  • Waste Bin Areas

You may not need an entire new fence. In many cases your existing fence can be modified or repaired to extend its life. We offer many of these services including: 


  • Picket & Post Repair

  • Fence Extensions & Additions

  • Fence Alterations



Whether you're planning a new install or just want a structure removed, we offer hassle free removal and haul away of all old fence and gate materials. We also thoroughly clean our job sites to ensure your property is free of nails, concrete and debris. After all, a good fence should add beauty to your property.  

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